Sunday 18 March 2018

511 – 519 AD

Battle of Hohenwald 514 AD
In the summer of 514, Bavarian warband invaded the lands of the Thuringi and met their army near the forests of Hohenwald. The battle, devoid of any tactical sense saw the Thuringi with their red dragon standards waving above their ranks crash into the Bavarian ranks. 

Both lines buckled but did not break. It was not long before gaps appeared in the Bavarian line giving the Thuringi an opportunity to close on exposed flanks.  

The battle quickly turned to a slaughter as many Bavarians could not escape the Thuringi fury, score 7 – 0.

Theuderic attacks the Saxons 514 AD
The Saxons plundered the Frisian coast and continued their raid by sailing the inland waterways reaching Noviomagus. Gathering his Riparian Franks and local militia, Theuderic approach the Saxon encampment in the early morning hours. The approach was broken by marsh forcing Theuderic to form three battle groups to approach the Saxon encampment. 

Dividing their force into similar groups, the Saxons advanced to meet the Franks . 

The fighting was heaviest in the centre as Theuderic had foreseen and here the Frankish tribesmen were positioned.  The battle was decided when gaps appeared the Saxon line presenting the Franks an opportunity to roll up their line. 

Frankish cavalry on the left flank left their opposition flat footed and moved toward the struggle in the centre to bring the battle to a close, score 4g – 1.  


  1. Two nice looking battles during an intense and disturbed period...

  2. Hello Phil,

    Indeed and the period is just getting heated up.