Thursday 30 March 2023

The Batavian

With the goal to expand my latest project, the Early Imperial Roman, I ordered more German figures from Blue Moon Miniatures. The order would fill two commands, one standard Batavian army and a second for the revolt of AD 69/70. Anthony Riches’ trilogy, Betrayal, Onslaught and Retribution added an extra stimulus to compete this portion of the project as quickly as possible. 

Based for the most part in loose formation (3Wb), the standard Batavi have a complement of ‘heroes’ armed with long thrusting spear (4Wb). Assisting the Batavi are Suevi allies and their Sarmatian cavalry (3Kn) that certainly would bring an extra punch to any of their battles. The second command have no such allies, but do have Roman deserters (4Ax) bringing a contrast of armour and shield patterns.

Standard Batavi

Batavi of the revolt

Both in battle array

Tuesday 28 March 2023

Client State of Emesa

Emesa became autonomous following the decline of the Seleucid empire and later, client state for Rome. A staunch ally of Rome, Emesa supplied the many archers employed during the Jewish revolt of AD 66 – 73. Emesa, like other entities of the region was incorporated in the Roman province of Syria and during the reign of Caracalla, became a Roman colony.

The miniatures.

These are all Old Glory miniatures cobbled together from the extras leftover from a recent sale of DBA armies. The archers were especially ordered to complete the collection. Emesa now joins the Nabataean, Late Judaean and Commagene for the project

Client State of Emesa

1 x General (4Kn), 2 x horse archers (LH), 1 x guard infantry (4Ax), 2 x javelinmen (3Ax), 5 x archers (3Bw or Ps), 1 x caravan guard (Cm).

Thursday 9 March 2023

The Commagene

The Commagene, bordered on the east by the Euphrates River and on the west by the Taurus Mountains, existed as an ideal buffer state between the two great powers, Rome and Parthia. During the Julio-Claudian period of rule, the Commagene experienced several periods of domination by Rome followed by brief periods of independence making them an ideal enemy/ally for the current project.

The miniatures

From the remnants of two previous sales, there were enough elements to create a collection of twelve. These required some repainting to render some uniformity among the troop types. This task offered some valuable experience, especially mixing colour for tunics and highlighting colours not usually chosen as a final step.  


1 x General (4Kn), 1 x cataphracts (4Kn), 2 x horse archers (LH), 2 x hoplitai (4Bd), 4 x archers (3Bw), 1 x Thracians (4Ax), 1 x skirmishers (Ps).