Tuesday, 4 January 2011

DBA and DBX armies for sale.

Updated 10-04-2022

This is the set of Dark Age houses, 7 pieces each fixed on a 1.2mm triplex base and decorated.  

Chichimec Army

The Chichimec are done and ready to be shipped.

9 x Levy bow
7 x javelinmen
2 x archers with feather headdress
2 x warriors with blade weapon
1 x Otomi warband
1 x slingers
1 x command of four figures
1 x command of three figures

24 elements.

Javelins have been added for those that needed them. I used different coloured feathers as these would contrast better with skin tone and weapons of the figure. I used the Mendoza Codex as an inspiration for the shield, feathers and banner patterns. 


The Mapuche

Photo 1
Bow levy were painted in the same style as the Chichimec. The camp have the two maidens and accessories you sent. The porters are mounted three to a base walking along a meandering pathway. To the rear of the artillery are the shot. The Confederate crew, now mercenaries for the Mapuche have vests of leather worn over their white clothing. The artillery carriage is painted a red-brown which is common for the Spanish.

Photo 2
Most undergarments are left white to help balance the amount of exposed flesh and the ponchos which are for the most part earth or warm colours. “Elite” units were given coloured headbands to separate them from the levy which wore white (artistic licence).

Photo 3
Archers skirmish ahead of three units of Mapuche warriors. The unit on the left look ready for action while I guess the other two will serve as reserve units. The latter two units have men in body armour. This looked more leather than iron, so the pieces were painted to simulate armour as you would find in Renaissance art of the period. They look great, but the photo does not do them justice.

Photo 4
Slingers skirmish ahead of the largest Mapuche unit, the spearmen or pikemen. I have added a paint guide for the ponchos as you have two cavalry that you will have to paint up. These give the Games Workshop colour reference, but you can see the ponchos are basically earth tones with red, scarlet or mid-blue for stripping.

Photo Battle Array

From top to bottom:                           
12 Cavalry                                          
21 levy archers                                   
30 spear/pikemen                               
24 archers with Longquilquil              
12 warriors with club                         
4 shot                                                
12 warriors with pike                                      
12 archers                                          
6 archers skirmishing                         
1 artillery + 4 crew                             
6 slingers skirmishing                         
1 camp + 2 water carriers                   
6 porters