Monday 23 April 2012

DBA Wends, Bohemians and Croatians

With flags added to each command stand, the Wends, Bohemians and Croatians are complete and ready to be shipped to their owner. The collections were a mix of Essex and Baueda figures and I must say I was delighted to see the latter first hand. These form the impressive shield wall of eight spear and fill in some of the ranks of the other two. Cheers,

Friday 20 April 2012

The Wends (III-1a)

The Wend Army III/1a is the last of the commission work.

The customer was as near a duplicate of the one I did in December of last year. These are Essex 15mm, but come from a slightly different range of figures.

The infantry are varied but have different poses. The shield certainly is characteristic of the Baltic region, tear drop shape reinforced with metal plates.
The cavalry are bow armed but are ready for serious business holding lance or javelin erect.

The last photo shows the finished army ready for varnishing and tomorrow I can base all three armies.


Thursday 12 April 2012

DBA Bohemians Book III/16

Next on my list of commission work are the Bohemians. The overall painting scheme would follow the Carolingians I painted four or five months ago with particular attention to the shields.

The figures are a mix of Baueda Lombard knights and spear, Viking Bondi and archers.

The axe wielding types are Berserkers are meant to add variation to the battle line.

I have not painted Baueda figures before and while many speak highly of them, I found these needed far more effort to clean that Old Glory or Essex 15s. They are good castings with nice broad areas to paint; clothing, belts and cloaks and also nice, the weapons were not placed close to the torso or shield.

The riders are just as nice, but I had trouble reconciling myself with the horses.

They looked odd as to which gait they should be doing; walking or trotting? They are slender compared to Essex but the harness detailing is clear.

Next on the list are the Wends III/1a.


Saturday 7 April 2012

DBA Croatians - book III/26

Despite the long period between postings, my paint brushes have not been idle, as I have completed a large scale DBA-HX French army for the Seven Year War conflict. That project is sufficiently completed that I can now direct my energy on three DBA armies, the first of which are the Croatians, book III/26.

There are a number of art works depicting Croatian military and I would invite the reader to check some of these at: Kingdom of Croatia

One passage of interest mentions a Croatian navy, raised to defend the kingdom against Saracen raids.

About the figures, these are all 15mm Essex with the majority of figures having a rather generic look.

Tunic, breeches tucked into boots and leather covered shields armed with short spears or javelins, the majority of which will be based as 3Ax.

Cavalry will form 3 elements and the lights will complete the required number for DBA play.

This photo shows the completed collection ready for varnishing and later basing.

Next posting, the Bohemians - book III/16