Saturday 28 January 2012

Lithuanians, ready for battle

Lithuanians are now battle ready and will be brought to the Post Office early Monday morning. The collection would have been shipped earlier, but I discoverd Friday morning my retailer who sells the Triplex board was out of stock.

Of the shops in our city, all were out of board. There can't be that many wargamers here? I even queried other cities, plenty of balsa wood, but no triplex. I checked with my contact about using the next size and that was not a problem.

I have plenty of triplex at 1.5mm thickness which is what I am using to rebase all my figures.
The thinner triplex is ideal for gamers who wish to add magnetic strips without creating a plateau effect.

These figures were a pleasure to paint, but do be aware, they are packaged 5 mounted or 10 foot to a pack with limited poses per pack. I would recommend the purchase of more types to add variation to your armies as you will see the figures are quite universal, as they can be easily used to most Baltic or Slav nations.


Wednesday 25 January 2012

Lithuanians are done - next the basing

Lithuanians are painted up. Later this evening, I will varnish this figures and let dry while I prepare bases and sketch two flags/banners for later. Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of figures, nonetheless painting these took a bit longer as I was continually surprised at newly discovered bits of detail. I would recommend them highly.

I will base and flock these and have them ready for shipping this weekend as I have new figures arriving next week.

I still have some Napoleonic French that need rebasing, Russians are done and I am adding more figures to my SYW British for the conflict in the Americas.


Friday 20 January 2012

A commission work

I am painting up a DBA Lithuanian army comprised of Black Hat Miniatures. These were sculpted by Josef Ochmann for Metal Magic Miniatures, but in 2006 are now produced by Black Hat. Lovely castings and you can see the range with photos at Vexellia Ltd.

These figures could certainly fill the ranks of most nomadic armies as they are quite generic. As you can see, I have started with the horses and with the exception of the harness, they are now complete. Next step, I will paint up the foot and use similar tones for the mounted figures. This will give me some time to work on designs for the flags.

I had several years ago my own Lithuanian army modeled for the Battle of the Saule, under the command of King Mindaugas. I shall duplicate the Wolf standard for this army.