Wednesday 1 May 2013

Oriental structures

Next on my list of building projects are Russian and Oriental structures. My search on the Internet pulled up more information for Oriental structures than Russian, so I will begin with Chinese.

The Oriental/Chinese structures would follow a similar pattern as the Mediterranean project; a modular BUA and a separate edifice. Modular, as I could add sections to the village to lay a maximum size BUA.  The edifice, in this case a magistrate’s villa, could be integrated with the BUA or set apart.

Using keywords as Chinese architecture, feng shui, and Chinese movie sets brought a number of blogs dedicated to those subjects. Noteworthy are the differences in design from province to province and pattern of roof. I was pleased with the fact that many designs remained in use throughout the Ming and Qing dynasties.

In addition to the structures, I would add several junks to add to the ambiance of village adjacent to a waterway.

In the photo, the structures, walls and towers have been cut and shaped. Thick paper cover the roof of each structure to give an even surface when adding the tiles. The colour of tiles follows a prescribed building code; grey for ordinary structures, yellow for Imperial buildings, and blue or green for important buildings.

At this moment, I will paint the buildings and tiles before basing them as I need to play with combinations of pieces and bases sizes. So nothing will be fixed for the moment.