Friday 30 December 2016

Migration to Kingdom – 408 AD

In 407, Constantine III had signed a treaty with the invaders and moved south to confront Stilicho. Gothic forces lead by Sarus, a general of Stilicho, had some successes but are eventually defeated by Constantine’s magister militum, Gerontius. In the spring of 408, Stilicho gathers new forces to resume his fight against Constantine III. Constantine III, after gaining control of Arelate (Arles) makes his son Constans Caesar and sends him to Hispania to capture the relatives of Honorius. They are later executed to further securing his position as “emperor” in the west. 

Barbarian Player
The treaties signed by the barbarian leaders would recognize a status quo and pledges of no further movement. Naturally, treaties between the barbarians and Rome have seldom demonstrated longevity, so the barbarian player will need to mark time and accumulate as many points as he can.  However, this will cause discord among a number of tribal leaders not only within the Vandal camp, but among the Alan and Suevi.

There are two directions to reflect this and one, is to increase the points required to move barbarian counters and two, prohibit the replacement of troops from within ones on tribe. The latter option reflects those tribes that remained in the province to settle or tribes that joined other nations to trek further west.

Both options will be tested.

Roman Player
The primary threat to Constantine III’s position is not the barbarian threat, but Stilicho’s new offensive. Constantine III moves south to take control of Arelate (Arles) which would place him in a better position to threaten western Italia. Gallia has become supportive for their new emperor. 

The Franks will return to their province of Germania II if it is no longer threatened by the barbarian presence. Despite the treaties made with the barbarians, the provinces of Gallia are hesitant to release their troops to join the main army of Constantine III’s army. Therefore any losses of Roman troops cannot be replaced until August 408.

Game map two.

In map two, as we move further west we note the appearance of new provinces. These should be the provinces of Lugdenensis Senonia, Lugdenensis I, II and III, Aquitania I and II. 

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