Saturday 16 July 2016

Project Rome - Lusitania, final test games.

 Test game two 
Rome confronted Lusitania on a similar field studded with difficult hills, wood and a river, but this time Rome would be able to deploy in an extended line. Lusitania deployed first had to weigh the advantage of terrain and the disadvantage of command control in terrain that would block visibility. With the exception of the LH other troops positioned themselves relatively close to the general.

As Rome advanced it conformed to the river line so all troops could cross at the same time if its depth proved paltry.

Half the Lusitanian force were now lining the opposite bank. A die cast of a six was welcomed for movement, but a second six for the river classification less so. It was not an impossible task, but after two turns the Roman centre and right flank were now pushing the Lusitanian back, score 2 – 0 for Rome.   

The Romans were blessed with a number good pip throws and rolled the Lusitanian effortlessly for a 4 – 0 win.

Test game three
Battlefield three had similar obstacles as the first two games; three difficult hills, a wood and river. Rome felt an allied contingent unnecessary and therefore looked upon game three as another river crossing exercise. Despite Lusitania defending Rome had a number of opportunities to influence the placement of terrain which they kindly set in the board corner.

As in the last game, the Lusitanian was able to line the opposite bank but the sheer weight of heavy infantry pushed a number of defenders on their back heel.

The action became desperate that the Lusitanian commander and light horse added their weight to the battle on the right flank. The centre crumbled to the triarii and the game ended with a 4 – 1 victory for Rome.

The Lusitanian are the most fragile of the Spanish lists, too many Ps which placed the auxilia shouldering most of the combat. Skirmishers fighting blade or spear flee on a combat result of twice as many, but this offers little advantage when the enemy do not pursue.

In all three games the river proved slow crossing and did offer a tactical bonus for the defender. Despite its difficulty to cross Placement of the terrain plays still a crucial role in the game even the placement of the river and its form can be critical.

Next, the Celtiberian   

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