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Index - Storm within the Empire

Updated:  27-02-2024

Project Rome - post 2nd Punic War

The Consular army First Legion done, the Allied Legions, in battle array
Timeline Hispania part one, part two
The Spanish the Iberians, the Celtiberian and Lusitanian armies, in battle array.
Campaign Rule Set  the Maps, the campaign system
Quick Play Campaign  testing the (revised) campaign, Sasan 459 AD, Eutropius 398 AD
Quick Play Campaign  uploaded to DBA Wiki   
Stratagems the Ambush, Rapid Deployment, Flank March, Choosing the Battlefield,
Optional rules Uneven sides, An assessmentInsubordination,

Historical Match ups
The Consular Army vs. Numidia, Numidia (pt.2), the Iberian, Lusitania, Lusitania (pt.2), Celtiberia, Celtiberia (pt.2), Gallic, Gallic (pt.2), Seleucid, Cimbri-Teutones,

Armies and Enemies of Early Imperial Rome (New)

Late Judaean refurbished
Commagene refurbished
The Batavian Revolt Battle Array, 
Jewish Revolt
Early Germans Refurbishment
Sarmatians Blue Moon cavalry
Ancient British Blue Moon figures
Historical Match ups
Roman Tour:
Roman Tour (24 elements)
Collision Course: the basics & test

Armies and Enemies of Rome, the Severan Dynasty (Eastern).

Rome: the Legions, the Auxilia, the Cavalry, the Artillery and Bowmen, Indigenous troops, the Generals and Battle Array, the Order of Battle.
Arabo-Aramean: Kingdom of Hatra, Kingdom of Adiabene
Pre-Islamic Arab: the Research, the Miniatures, two commands completed.
Parthia: the Miniatures, in Battle Array
Armenia: the Research, the Miniatures, Armies in battle array
Sassan: the Research, the Cataphractthe Elephant Corps, the Levy, the Asavaran cavalry, Nomad Horse Archers, in Battle Array
Armies of the Caucusus: Colchis/Lazika, Iberia, Albania
Sarmatia the Collection
Tervingi: the Tervingi
Alan: the Alani
Palmyra, 2nd century - a speculative list
Meroitic Kushite Background, Conversions, the Miniatures, Meroitic Kush and Noba

Armies and Enemies of Rome, the Severan Dynasty (Western).

Rome: the Legions, the Auxilia, the Cavalry, the Artillery and Bowmen, the Generals and Battle Array, Order of Battle.
Early Germans  the Marcomanni,
Northwest Frontier  PictsCaledonian, Britain (late 2nd c. rebellion)
Dacia  the Carpi
Africa  Later Moors

Second Time around (New) Draco Standards, In Battle Array
Playing the Big Battle Option the Deployment , Composition of Commands , Tactics
Battle of Callinicum, 531 AD, the battle report, 359 AD, Rome and Armenia battle the Sassanid, Uprising in Perse-Armenia, Rome recrosses the frontier, LIR vs. the Hun, Rome vs Visigoths, Rome vs. Sassan

Campaigns - Migration to Kingdom
Introduction,  407 AD, 408 AD, 409 AD, Franks and German Confederation, Battle of Calama, Bonifacius and Vandal Threat, Maximus the Usurper
Invasion of Hispania 409 AD. Timeline, 409 - 419 AD, 420 - 429 AD, Assessment
Roman Britain 410 AD, Campaign, An assessment
Kingdom of Francia, Merovingian Franks, Timeline, Armorica, Avars,

Under the Black Banner, (the Caliphate)

Introduction, Christian Nubian, Muslim North Africa, Tulunid Egyptian, Umayyad, Abbasid, Arab Indian, Baghdad Buyid, Nobades, Samanid,

Historical Match Ups

Scenarios: Battle of Zab River, the analysis, the battle

Refurbishing the Arab Collection

Notations (technical and tactical tips)

DBA Terrain by Category

Introduction, Arable, Forest, Hilly, Steppe, Dry, Tropical, Littoral, Scatter Material, Celtic Village, Hellenistic Camp, Early Roman camp, Medieval Hamlet, East European Hamlet, Waterways
Refurbishing the Terrain
Terrain mat, the larger mat, the final terrain mat, Tropical foliage

Biblical Era (3000 BC - 1500 BC)

Historical Match Ups

Enlarging the Single Command to 24 elements.

Background Research

Historical Scenarios

Collision Course

DBA Fantasy


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