Tuesday 12 December 2023

Rome vs. Dacia

The conflicts with Rome are documented, but the Daci had other enemies, such as the Illyrians, the Boii of Bohemia (Gallic) and of course, among themselves.  These test games, Rome is the invader, giving the Daci terrain advantage. To be placed are two difficult hills, an additional difficult hill, a wood and BUA (hamlet).


Game one.

The Dacian battle line exceeded that of the Rome, as the legion deployed only half its strength in front to accommodate the auxilia, archers and ballistae. The other half of the legion formed a reserve with the equites in a second line.

The entire Dacian line moved a steady trot forward, skirmishers sprinted ahead to take a position opposite the Roman left flank.

Attacking both the Roman centre and the left flank, the assault came under heavy fire from archers and the ballistae, resulting in loss of cohesion. Despite this, the barbarian host moved forward.

Columns that did reach the Roman line were easily repulsed and pursued by legionnaires.

The clash had taken no more that an hour and a half (6 turns) and for all their fervour, the Dacian host could not break the Roman wall. Dacia broke off the combat after severe casualties. Rome 8 – 2


Game two

Rome found the Dacian host occupying a defensive position along the heights of two hills and continued to reach a village on its right wing. Rome decided it would demonstrate against the Dacian on the hill and concentrate its attack on the Dacian right centre. Here were the Sarmatian cavalry and Bastarnae falxmen.

Rome needed time to ready its troops into a proper line, meanwhile, the barbarian host did not stir from their position.

Rome ready, moved advanced its first line forward. Eager to cross swords, the Dacian host countered Rome’s attack by wheeling the main body bringing twice as many troops to meet the Roman line.

Anticipating a barbarian rush, Rome contracted its line to make room for the equites to charge a number of warband columns. Casualties began to mount.

During the clash of arms, the Sarmatian lancers slaughtered two cohorts of archers and continued their pursuit to catch two cohorts of legionnaires. From his forward position, the Dacian warlord could see half the lancers were repulsed and the remainder were cut to pieces. The battle had cost the Daci dear and their leader called for a retreat. Rome 8 – 3.


In game two, both sides had their share of low pips, but Dacia did manage to concentrated twice as many elements against the Roman first line. The line should have cracked, in theory, but it did not. Once in contact, Roman blade continually pushed the enemy back, archers repeatedly repulsed the Sarmatians, until they could no longer. Adding their weight to the attack, the equites tipped the scales for Rome.

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