Sunday 11 June 2023

Collision Course

The rule variant, Collision Course, simulates the force march rule from WRG 7th edition. Modified by David Lawrence, known to Fanaticus Forum members as Macbeth, Collision Course has become a regular feature of the tournament scene in Australia. I found a copy last month and gave the set a good test.

The basics.

Armies form three columns of equal size with column one placed on the table and the head of column two within a deployment zone measuring 4BW x 4BW from the centre of the army’s base edge. Column number three remains off board and enters the game board after column two is completely on table. This costs 4 pips.  

Players must give some thought to the composition and the march order of elements of each column. Costly pip expenditure may occur when deploying from column to line if slower moving troops prove an obstacle. Fortunately, there are historical examples that one may follow.

Testing (Rome vs. Judea).

In the photo, a Roman advance guard of three auxilia and an element of legionnaires are place on the board and the CinC element leading column two. Off table are the cavalry, auxilia, bolt-thrower and archers followed by the mobile baggage.

The Late Judaean place light troops and mercenary cavalry of column one on the board and similar to the Roman march order, the army CinC leads the main body of auxilia and swordsmen. Column three, consisting of more light troops, auxilia and lastly, the mobile baggage.

Roman deployment is ready to engage the enemy.

Judaean deployment has formed three separate groups in echelon, though not by design.

Battle develops in earnest and Judea loses an element of auxilia to artillery.

Roman troops surpass themselves and shred the enemy sending them in flight.


Both sides experienced little delay bringing all three columns on the board, however much time was required to shake the columns into line. This was not through a lack of pips, but improper spacing. Rome experiences less problem having fought many battles prior.

Played three test games and thoroughly enjoyed them all. The Roman Tour is half way through its list of opponents and there will be further opportunity for more tests. Rome – Parthia should be interesting.    

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