Monday, 7 March 2011

HOTT painted army and flotilla

One 15mm HOTT army for sale:

Sven the Magnificent and shield wall of blades.
11 x Blades, 2 x Shooters. $70.00

Figures are based per HOTT specifications. Basing material is 1.2 mm basswood, covered with white glue and sand, washed, dry-brushed and flocked with electrostatic grass.

Gobbo Flotilla with 15mm crew.

You cannot leave Amsterdam without buying some miniature wooden shoes and while helping some tourists out, I decided to paint these up for a Gobbo Flotilla. The poop deck has sufficient room for the 3 Gobbo crew. Not pictured, these are 15mm Shadow Corps (Reaper) miniatures based to fit.

The bases are 1.2 mm Basswood and painted Sea Blue. $50.00

Send your email response to timurilank at aol dot com.
Multiple requests will be honoured in the order of receipt.