Sunday 2 January 2022

The final terrain mat

Three terrain mats (160cm x 80cm) are now complete, one sea, an arid and one for Mediterranean lands. Work on temperate terrain mat will begin next week; its use should cater to all the conflicts north of the Alps. Ground colour and grass flocking will differ from the Mediterranean and the first step is to do a test on an old unused DBA size board. 

I painted white the underside, as this will negate any possible curling, followed by a day later, the top. Next, an earth colour was mixed using Burnt Sienna and Green with a touch of black. From the photo you will note the test sheet displaying before and after adding black. 

A day later, I sponged a darker shade to simulate undulating ground. This step required the use of two sponges; one rough, to apply the paint, the other, a feathered sponge to soften the edges.

Next, spray diluted white glue over most of the surface and sprinkle grass flocking, Busch 7114, autumn shade. Let this thoroughly dry before tapping the excess off.

 Spray diluted white glue over the entire surface and sprinkle with a darker shade of grass. I used Busch 7111, labelled May Green. 

Tapping the excess grass off displays the final result. 

I would recommend a coat of diluted white glue to seal the work, but then the movement of troops and tumbling dice would expose more earth which might be realistic.


Update 05-01-2022

The large Temperate mat is complete as are the terrain pieces to be used with this. Photo one illustrates the ground colour, Burnt Sienna and Black were mix, later Green was added to reach an earth colour. The large mat had an undercoat of white which made painting easier. When dry, the mottled effect was applied using a feathered sponge and diluted Burnt Sienna and Black. The lighter areas are the result of rigorous action with sponge technique.

Application of grass was done in two stages; stage one used a colour grass of a darker shade, followed three hours later with a lighter shade. The following morning, excess grass was tapped off revealing the final result.

I am pleased with the large game mat and the terrain pieces. Finishing ahead of schedule has earned a few days to relax before travelling this weekend.


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