Sunday 4 February 2024

Late Imperial Rome vs. the Huns

The recently completed Huns had their baptism against an equally new Late Imperial East Roman army. Both armies were double size commands giving a decided advantage to Rome of two ballistae and two elements of solid bow. 

Deploying its force between wood and village, Rome viewed a Hunnic horde spread across a broad front.

Probing the Roman left, the Huns met stiff resistance from the auxilia infantry and light horse posted there. The fighting soon escalated as more Huns joined the conflict in progress.

Seeing no breakthrough on the Roman left, the Hunnic warlord opened a second attack on the Roman right. Both efforts failed to bring the desired result, the warlord broke off the battle to leave Rome the field. Rome 8 – 3.

 In a subsequent engagement, both sides deployed similarly. However, Rome emboldened by their recent victory, marched their battle line forward to bring their ballistae and archers in range.

The hail of ballistae bolt and arrows provoked the Huns to attack the Roman line, but these were beaten back with the help of supporting troops. Casualties among the Huns rapidly escalated, leaving the Hun searching for a desperate solution.

Sensing the presence of Tengri, the Huns redoubled their effort and in 30 minutes (2 turns), shattered both Roman flanks even the carnage (7 – 7). Regaining the initiative, Rome beat back the Hunnic fury to claim a Pyrrhic victory, 8 - 7.


Rome eager for battle, left its defensive position to advance toward the enemy in game two. This brought ballistae and archers in range and within a relative short period Hunnic LH were quickly destroyed to bring the score 6 – 1 for Rome. This provoked a number of suicidal attacks by the Huns resulting in the destruction of all Roman cataphracts and an element each of auxilia infantry and archers., bring the score to an even 7 – 7. Worth replaying another time.   

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