Friday 11 August 2023

Ancient British

The Ancient British are Blue Moon figures and two packs were purchased to build the infantry of two commands; half bare chested, half with tunics. From Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome by P. Barker, red, blue and purple are dominate clothing colour and adding browns and green would bring variety. Colour combinations for chequered or stripe patterns were first tested on note paper.


To start, I set a 50/50 rule; that is half the clothing would be chequered or striped, half would carry woad markings and half shields would be decorative. Hopefully, this would reduce the number of painting sessions, save eye strain and avoid painting errors, yet still convey a picture of angry British.

Blue Moon figures have separate shields making the above painting system simple. Similar to visualising the chequered and stripes on clothing, sketches were produced for possible shield patterns. 


The two packs produced 21 elements, 18 x 3Wb, 2 x Ps and 1 x camp guards and four light horse were painted earlier, completing the two commands.  

Command one

Command two

Battle array

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