Friday 24 August 2012

Storm within the Empire, a game set in the 15th century.

This month, the DBA Agora blog will make room for my 15th century campaign set in Southern German. During the past few months, I have documented the growth of my Medieval German army collection while at the Fanaticus Forum I have posted my thoughts about operating a campaign “similar” to the Game of Thrones series. Here, rival houses position themselves in the long struggle to become Emperor.

As with any campaign project, I found it advisable to start small and focus on a singular event in German history. This was provided by King Ludwig of Bavaria, who split the kingdom among his sons thus creating the duchies of Bavaria-Munich, Bavaria-Ingolstadt, Bavaria-Straubing, and Bavaria-Landshut. After a century of feuding, the kingdom of Bavaria was finally restored to its former size as we know it today. The century of struggle all the elements for an ideal game of thrones.

Campaign objectives 

I selected the DBA campaign system for this as it is well known here, but made modifications to time and map scale. Expanding the seasons to reflect movement activity by month this would open the use of less played scenarios. The call up of field armies for a number of months would heighten a sense of urgency before the oncoming winter season. Not only the length of play has been extended, but each region now displays an increase in the number of movement nodes .

 With the increase in scale, we can explore scenarios that would reflect challenging day to day struggle in place of battles leading to territorial conquest. Prestige Points would still reflect the measure of a House’s success, but these can now be accumulated by activity from channels other than military.  

Below, I have listed an index of topics to be covered in future postings. The research presented a myriad of ideas for scenarios which can be played out within the format of the campaign. Where applicable, modifications to the campaign will also be listed.


The story begins during the Spring of 1400 AD in the former Kingdom of Bavaria. For the sake of simplicity, the individual Houses will use the region’s title House of Ingolstadt, Landshut, Straubing and Munich. The countryside is showing renewed activity after a winter-sleep, farmers prepare their fields for seeding, roads are clear so commerce may course its way from city to city and plans within plans that were made during the Winter season can now be launched.


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