Thursday 25 January 2024

The Huns

One month ago, I ordered Blue Moon Huns to replace the single command of Old Glory figures. Using the Alans to play a double size command did not seem right, therefore an order was placed for the Blue Moon figures. The four packs ordered filled exactly two commands (one leader, two of horse archers and one with javelins).  

The lower torso of the rider is cast with the horse leaving the upper torso to be fitted in a myriad of combinations. The castings require little cleaning and the pin, under the upper torse needs to be trimmed a bit. You may note a number of Huns twisting in the saddle to shot or throw a javelin to their right. Nice that.

Clothing, breeches, topcoat and caps, were painted in six colours, horses in four, leather equipment in three; which produced a wide variety of colour combinations.

Horse tail standards were made using brass rod (1mm, 0.8mm and 0.5mm) and horsetails were covered with Milliput.


1 x Hun general (Cv), 1 x Hun sub-general (LH), 22 x Hun horse archers (LH).

First command

Second command

Battle array

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