Sunday 26 February 2023

Pannonia Superior

This is a preliminary list of Roman units (Bold letters) to be collected in the next few months. From the sources listed below, these units were present in Pannonia Superior prior to Trajan’s campaign in Dacia. Next to each unit are the number of elements to be painted and when complete will total the number needed for two commands. Adding an ally, Rome can take the field in a battle option of DBA3. 

The double strength auxilia or milliarie (M) are represented with two elements. Two such cohors have a mounted detachment (E) of light horse and a replacement for the LH noted on the Early Imperial Roman list of II/56. 



I Ulpia Contariorum M.C.R.           2 x 3Kn

I Hispanorum Aravocorum             1 x Cv

Pannoniorum                                    1 x Cv

I Thracum Victrix C.R.

III Augusta Thracum S.



II Alpinorum E.                                  1 x 4Aux

I Bosperoriana                                    1 x 4Aux

V Lucensium et Callaoecorum E.     1 x 4Aux

I Ulpia Pannoniorum M.E.                2 x 4Aux, 1 x LH

I Aelia Sagittariorum M.E.                2 x 4Bw, 1 x LH

I Thracum C.R.E.                               1 x 4Aux

IV Voluntariorum C.R.

XVIII Voluntariorum C.R.


3,500 Cavalry, 875 mounted infantry, 4,125 infantry


Legions in the province:

I Adiutrix,

X Gemina,                                           4 x 4Bd, 1 x Art, 1 x General (Cv)

XIV Gemina Martia Victrix               4 x 4Bd, 1 x Art., 1 x Sub-general (Cv)


Recommended reading

The Auxilia of the Roman Imperial Army, GL Cheesman - 1915

Legio X Gemina 

Legio XIV Gemina /

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