Tuesday, 4 January 2011

DBA and DBX armies for sale.

Ancient Armies.


The Early Germans are Blue Moon Miniatures and comply with the II/47g list. 
These are based on 40 x 20mm triplex wood (1.5 mm thick). 
This size is recommended in DBA 3.0 for larger figures; in this case the large shields are positioned better.


The Gauls were mistakenly mentioned in our correspondence but are Ancient British II/53.
 I do have two packs of chariots that will make the collection adaptable for either list. 

The collection was meant to be used for the rebellion during the late 2nd century AD and passed the date when chariots were used, therefore the CV general.

The six chariots are from War & Empire (Forged In Battle) and size well with Old Glory. 
These are valued at GPB 20.00 ($29.00) for the two packs. 
As they were recently bought they are not painted but I do have bases cut for them.  

$100.00 (includes the chariots)