Thursday 16 December 2021

The large terrain mat

The small mat served well as a test, but before tackling the larger mat, I have selected 26 terrain pieces to be used with the Mediterranean style mat; these are roads, hills, waterway and templates for BUA and rough ground. 

These were given a similar treatment like the test mat, but not flocked, that would be done with the large terrain mat. 

Clearing the old grass from the 120cm x 80cm mat proved more work than I anticipated, requiring an extra day. The underside was painted first to prevent curling, this proved effective as the topside remained flat after its primer coat. The end result was appropriate for Christmas and was left overnight to dry before applying earth tones.

The topside was painted Warm Grey and left overnight to thoroughly dry. This was to ensure subsequent colours (diluted) would not “lift” the previous coat of paint. The work was checked before moving to the final step, the flocking.

Terrain pieces were flocked first, as these required precise work, beginning first with the BUA and rough ground templates. To develop some practice the strainer, I spread the flocking first without glue. Satisfied, I sprayed the diluted white glue, two or three pieces at a time, after drying, the loose grass was tapped off exposing the actual coverage. 

After all the pieces and terrain map have been treated, a second layer of grass can be added where needed. 

All the terrain pieces are done which leaves the large mat as the final step. This has been a fruitful exercise and there are plans developing to redo the 'arid' terrain mat in the same technique but with lighter colours. This will also require new terrain pieces (hills, roads, rivers, etc.) to match the re-newed terrain mat.  


Here is a photo of the completed terrain mat. 

Amazing how little time is spent applying the grass flocking as compared to the preparation and clean up afterwards. I am tempted to begin work with a second terrain (arid) mat, but I miss the dice and measuring sticks enough that I will make a start on a few scenarios.

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