Tuesday 1 August 2023

Collision Course - Novgorod vs. Muscovy 1471

Continuing our ‘collision course’ experience, we moved east to play the principality of Novgorod against the Duchy of Muscovy. Both are predominantly cavalry forces with infantry support offering both players tactical options. The encounter is loosely based on the Battle of Shelon of 1471 which will be featured later this year.   

Muscovy’s three columns deployed rapidly to line formation, requiring an hour to do so (4 turns). In that time, Novgorod scouts were still searching for its rear column.

Thirty minutes later (2 turns), the missing column appeared on the field, but Muscovy ready for battle, began its march forward.

Scrambling to form a battle line, Novgorod made ready for the expected clash.

Eager for battle, Novgorod attacked the Muscovy right with cavalry supported by militia infantry in centre. The Tartar LH, forming part of the reserve, engaged their counterpart near the wood.

Losses were sustained on both sides, yet Novgorod held the initiative to strike Muscovy’s opposite flank.

Holding its ground on the left, Muscovy shifted its effort back to its right flank to turn the battle. Novgorod resistance soon collapsed leaving the field to the Muscovites (5 – 3). 


Blunders were done by both sides; Novgorod baggage impeded the cavalry located at the rear of the column and misreading the banners, Muscovy’s general found itself placed at the head of column one presenting Novgorod with an enticing target. Needless to say, the Muscovite general was survived a number of melees. 

IV/44 Post-Mongol Russian

1 x general with dvor (Cv), 6 x boyars (Cv), 2 x Tartar horse archers (LH), 1 x Cossack skirmishers (Ps), 1 x militia spearmen (Sp), 1 x militia crossbowmen (4Cb), 1 x mobile baggage.

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