Thursday 10 December 2020

The Later Hungarian

 DBA IV/43c represents the army of Janos Hunyadi and his son, Matthias Corvinus dating 1307 to 1526. All the figures are Legio Heroica and only the light horse archers required some minor conversion with Milliput for their headgear. I enjoyed the look of the Dithmarschen with their mix of late medieval and feudal figures, I decided to do the same for the Hungarian infantry.

Flags are common types found on the internet but I selected those with a reg and white theme to reduce the amount of time as drawing them take quite an amount of time.


  1. Thank you Phil.
    The last bits are on the workbench; Lithuanian and more Landsknechts.
    Research into the conflicts of the Low Countries continues and this will certainly stimulate the construction of new structures and ships.