Wednesday 3 July 2024

French, Burgundian Ordonnance and German armies

The reorganisation and refurbishing of the late medieval collection have moved along nicely. All armies are double size or 24 elements strong to play the larger game or offer players a civil war option for a game. An element of mounted crossbow is missing from two commands and these have been ordered to complete the army. Finding a manufacturer with miniatures compatible to Legio Heroica was not easy, but two were found.

The Italian Condotta are last on the project list. There are more than enough crossbowmen and spear to fill out the infantry and cavalry will be ordered on Mirliton, their Condottieri look superb.

French Ordonnance IV/82b

With the exception of the Old Glory artillery, all figures are Legio Heroica. Next to the Swiss pikemen are French pike, based on a 40mm x 40mm stand as they are classed as horde and have nine figures to improve their appearance as solid horde. An element of skirmishing crossbowmen remained in their box while photographing, a slight oversight. Flags were remade giving a neater appearance to the whole.

Burgundian Ordonnance IV/85b

The ‘b’ sub list represent the Burgundian Netherlands army of the Maximillian era and for that reason I have Flemish pikemen in place of the German mercenary. This army has yet to be tested but should prove an interesting opponent for the later German armies.

Medieval German IV/13d

The ‘d’ sub list represent the Imperial armies of the Italian Wars and feature landsknecht mercenaries for the units of pikemen, swordsmen, handgunners and artillery.

Medieval German IV/13c

This sub list offers a better representation for the clerical, city-state or princeling armies that fought within and outside the empire. For our games, I have used the DBMM army list to modify the composition of infantry and the number of cavalry in wedge formation. Both commands lack an element of mounted crossbowmen and these have been ordered on Blue Moon miniatures. 

Fine Tuningthe Medieval German Army

WedgeFormation in DBA3

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