Tuesday 28 May 2024

A Clash of arms - Theodoric II and Childeric I

The Visigothic northward expansion by Theodoric II caught an unprepared Childeric I of the Franks. Undeterred by the superior numbers of Visigothic cavalry, the Franks advanced their line. Eager to clash with the Frankish infantry, the Visigothic cavalry outpaced their infantry centre to strike at the vulnerable flanks of the Franks.

The fight that ensued proved no easy task as the gardingi (Cv) were repulsed leaving the Visigothic nobles (3Kn) isolated as they broke through. This was followed by the crashing of both army’s centre. 

The battle was brief and hard fought, but the Franks prevailed to gain a narrow victory (4 - 3).

A rematch found the Franks deployed with both flanks protected by wood and its rear protected by a river. Visigothic cavalry formed on the flanks of a strong infantry centre with tribal warriors on the right and city militia on the left.

This time, the Visigothic infantry moved forward to engage the Franks leaving the cavalry to be held back in support.

Seeing the Franks heavily engaged, the Visigothic cavalry struck home to turn the Frankish flanks. Suffering heavy losses, the Franks fled the field (5 – 1).


Seemingly a mis-match, an infantry force against a mobile one, the Franks played an aggressive game one.  were fortunate to have won the first battle. Facing the cavalry wings, the Franks extended their line knowing the Visigothic cavalry could run the down. 

Luck served the Franks well repelling the cavalry leaving the knight isolated. Although a slight advantage, the Franks kept one step ahead of the Visigoths.

This was not the case in game two as the both centres clashed first while the Visigothic cavalry waited for the right moment to attack.   

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