Tuesday 4 May 2021

Mounted Infantry in DBA3

Mounted infantry was not a troop type that I was familiar with, despite my long experience with DBA. It was not until the refurbishment and subsequent regrouping the late medieval collection into armies that I discovered just how many armies listed them. Their only mention, in the rule book, comes at page 5 detailing the composition and base size; 3-4 foot plus a vehicle, led mount or mounted figure are placed on a 40mm x 40mm base for 15mm size figures.

Gleaning through the army lists, here is an overview of mounted infantry types. Note, these are all bow armed, fast or solid, infantry.

Book I             Neo-Elamite,  kallapani carrying 3 archers (Mtd-3Bw).

Book III          Central Asian Turkish, archers on Bactrian camels (Mtd-3Bw)

Book IV           Anglo-Norman, mounted archers (Mtd-3Bw)

Book IV           Scots Common, mounted archers (Mtd-3Bw)

Book IV           Khwarizmian, archers on camels (Mtd-3Bw)

Book IV           Later Hungarian, Crusader crossbowmen (Mtd-4Cb)

Book IV           100 Year’s’ War English, mounted archers (Mtd-4Lb)

Book IV           Free Company, English archers (Mtd-4Lb)

Book IV           French Ordonnance, mounted archers (Mtd-4Lb)

Book IV           Burgundian Ordonnance, mounted archers (Mtd-4Lb).    


The following advantages-disadvantages come to mind and apologies if any have been missed.


Can be destroyed by any mounted in close combat with a better than score.

Base depth may pose a problem when recoiling.

In close combat with solid foot, bows will recoil on an even score.



Can make a second and subsequent move in good going.

Solid bows add +1 if supported by solid blade.

Knights are destroyed in close combat on an even score with Lb or Cb 

Fast troop types recoil from solid on an even score.   


If the above list of armies seems lean, the opposite is true if reading the DBMM army lists. I do not play DBMM, but do find the army list books a useful research tool. The revised edition was published two years after DBA3 and does benefit from the latest research or translations.

DBMM Book IV has been illuminating as the mounted infantry types are greatly expanded and the number of armies using them has increased; as an example, you will find more Mtd-4Cb, but also Mtd-4Bd, Mtd-Sp and Mtd-Ps. Plans are made to add these to the collection as there are a number of scenarios that would require them. And so, the hobby marches forward.

 Mounted longbow holding the English right at Castillon. 

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