Wednesday 15 July 2020

The Tuareg 1000 AD

The Tuareg are the latest addition to the collection of Muslim armies and like the others this also of double size (24 elements). Camelry and infantry are conversions from the collection of Colonial Sudanese and the ansar provide the majority of figures with a small number of Fuzzy to represent Iklan skirmishers (negro serfs).

The DBA 3.0 army list for the Tuareg (III/70) has been revised such that a larger number of mountain tribesmen (3Wb) can be fielded in larger numbers as an option to an all mounted force.  This worked well as I could stretch the number of camel mounted figures to build two commands.

In addition to the usual filing and repositioning of weapons all the figures required veils. These were made with Milliput as were the saddle cloths and tassels for the noble lancers. Two such elements were done for the Almoravid and are pictured below. Photo one displays the effort so far and the next step is to fix the figures to plinths.

At the time of writing, all the figures are painted, but shields are needed for all the infantry figures and these will be made with Milliput. Check the link to view examples of Tuareg shields.

A few test shields were made laying each shield flat to be shaped and scored on non-stick paper. I will need about 30 shields. 


The shields took longer than expected as many needed trimming to reduce their size. These were given to the hill tribesmen that fought with the Tuareg and both commands consist of an equal number of camel mounted and tribesmen. The additional elements represent the slave troops that fought along side the camel warriors.


  1. You weren't tempted by the lovely Khurusan Miniatures Tuareg range?

  2. The Khurasan Tuareg were very tempting but postage and customs fees to ship overseas made that prospect less attractive.

    Besides, this project was meant to consolidate a large collection of Muslim armies and discovering the usefulness of converting Colonial Sudanese meant those figures would see daylight again. That resource help build an Andalusian, Almoravid, North African Berber and Zanj armies, still enough figures to build another two double size DBA armies.