Tuesday 3 December 2019

The March To Battle (Cavalry action)

Continuing with the latest theme ‘March to Battle’ places the next test somewhere in the steppe north of the Crimea. Here, the Alani confront a Hunnic raid. Unfortunately, errors were made in the initial two tests which ended in a 5 – 0 victory for the Alani. After correcting the errors, battle number two was fought on a similar field. 

Test number two
Alani scouts report dust clouds in the distance mean the Hunnic horde are not far away. Entering an open plain between hills and scrub, the Alani fan out to deploy. 

A short time passes to let dust settle to reveal both armies prepared for battle.

The Alani horse archers move forward to skirmish against an equal number of Huns giving time for Alani lancers to deploy into line. Anticipating a Hunnic move against the Alani left, horse archers are dispatched to confront the possible threat.

The signal is given sending the Alani horse archers to attack the Huns near the hills. Alani lancers advance forward intent on dispersing Huns to front and on the hill. 

The conflict escalates in earnest with casualties quickly mounting. The Alani lancers now add their weight to the combat.

A second wave of Alani lancers join fight which did tip the balance, but not in the direction anticipated. Taking advantage of exposted flank and rear, the Huns forced the Alani to admit defeat and withdraw from the field resolving to fight another day, 4 – 3 for the Huns.

(game length, 8 turns fought in 30 minutes) 

Assessing both tests.
These tests should be viewed as an exercise in formulating the deployment of formations intended to skirmish, attack or support. As noted in this and the previous post covering infantry armies, the alignment of troops is not always perfect, which makes the tests useful as troops appearing in disarray can actually be setting a trap. 

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