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Invasion of Hispania - a timeline 409 AD - 429 AD

The historical events highlighted here are taken from the Vortigern Studies website. This is placed here to give the reader a sense what may transpire in the campaign game. Next post will cover what modifications were made for the game. 

Invasion of Hispania  

409 AD
Constantine III proposes an alliance against Alaric to Honorius (Fall). Vandals, Alans and Suevi invade Spain (September 28) after Constantine's troops leave the Pyrennees passes unguarded.

410 AD
Constantine III conspires with Honorius' magister equitum Hellebich and prepairs for expeditions to Italy and Spain. Constantine then elevates his son Constans to Augustus, while Rusticus replaces Apollinaris as praefectus praetorio. Constantine enters Italy while the bulk of his army enters Spain with Constans under command of Justus. They engage the Asding Vandals in Castilia, killing their king Godigisel. The Vandals are saved from annihilation when a force of Alamanni (or Alani) comes to their aid.
Gunderic succeeds Godigisel as king of the Asding Vandals.
In Italy, Honorius puts his forces under command of the Illyrian Constantius. This new threat causes Constantine to recall Constans from Spain. At probably this point the magister militum Gerontius defects from Constantine III (Fall), apparently in conjunction with the Spanish, for he elevates the Spaniard
Maximus to emperor in Terraco (Tarragona). Constantine sends the Frank Edobeccus (Edowich) to raise and army along the Rhine, and his son Constans with the praefectus praetorio Rusticus to Northern Gaul.

411 AD
Gerontius or Maximus agree terms with the barbarian invaders of Spain, allowing them to settle. The barbarians decide to divide the Spanish provinces between them, the Alans receiving Lusitania and Carthaginiensis, the Siling Vandals receive Baetica and the Asding vandals and the Sueves receive Galicia.

414 AD
Constantius blockades Narbo (Narbonne) and the Gallic coast, forcing the Visigoths south into Spain.

415 AD
After a destructive march through Gaul, Athaulf moves with his Visigoths to Spain, but is murdered near Barcelona (July/August). Sigeric is king for seven days before he is murdered by Wallia, who fails to cross over to Africa (late Fall).

416 AD
The Visigoths in Spain are starving - in exchange for food they agree to a treaty and the return of Galla Placidia (early in the year).

417 AD
The Visigothic king Wallia campaigns against the Vandals under Fredebal in Baetica and against the Alans under Addac (Attaces) in Lusitania, routing them in battle. He reduces their number so much that the survivors flee to the Asding Vandals.

418 AD
Wallia is recalled by Constantius to southern Gaul, where he is allowed to settle his Visigoths in the southwest around Toulose. Death of Wallia, succession by Theodoric (end of the year).
In Spain,
Maximus is again elevated as Augustus by Gunderic, king of the Asding Vandals (end of the year). The Gallic Council is established at Arelate (Arles).
Jews are banned from the militia (the civil and armed services).

419 AD
War between the Asding Vandals and the Sueves in Spain, who are besieged in the Nervasian Mountains. The comes per Hispania Asterius intervenes on behalf of the Suevi.

420 AD
The Vandals break through to Baetica after a battle near Bracarense (Braga). Maximus is captured by the comes per Hispania Asterius.

422 AD
The Spanish usurper Maximus is executed in Ravenna (January 23).
The comes domesticus Castinus campaigns against the Asding Vandals but suffers heavy losses after being betrayed by his Visigothic troops.
The comes Africae Bonifatius (
Boniface) cedes from Ravenna.

427 AD
Aetius lifts the Visigothic siege of Arelate (Arles).
Vandals and Alans raid the African provinces. The comes Africae Boniface is suspected of planning a revolt. He is recalled, but refuses and is declared an "enemy of the Republic". Boniface then defeats an army which is sent against him, killing all three of the commanders.

428 AD
Franks invade Gaul, but are defeated by Aetius. The Saxons are invited as federates into Britain by Vortigern and the British Council.
An army is sent against Boniface under the Goth Sigisvult, who manages to seize Hippo Regius and Carthage. The comes Africae Boniface then apparently invites the Vandals to aid him and to cross over from Spain into Africa. Death of Gunderic, king of the Vandals, his half-brother
Gaiseric succeeds him.

429 AD

The Vandals under Gaiseric cross from Spain into Africa, leaving Spain to the Sueves.
Visit of the bishop Germanus to Britain where he helps defeat a Saxon raid.
Galla Placidia hastily pardons Boniface who joins forces with the Imperial troops, but the Romans are nonetheless defeated by Gaiseric.

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