Thursday 5 January 2017

Migration to Kingdom - scenario 409 AD

The migration of the Vandals, Alan and Suevi continue their westward course, but not in the massive numbers that had crossed the Rhine during the winter of 406 AD. Dissension and power struggles among the barbarian tribes would continue into the new year creating a division objectives. Some would continue their raids and plunder while others would establish communities within various parts of Gaul. Two such groups of Alans are now occupying regions near Paris and southern Gaul with the remainder accompanying the Vandals. Of the German tribes, the Burgundi had found refuge in the southeast region of Gaul and the Suevi would continue their journey with the Vandals to reach Hispania.  

Constantine III, having expanded his control over most of Gaul proposed an alliance to Honorius to deal with Alaric and his Goths. Honorius, a victim of court intrigue and abandoned by Sarus recognises Constantine III as co-emperor. As quickly as Constantine III’s star rose it began to fade as the Roman inhabitants of Britannia and Armorica feeling abandoned in their fight against the barbarian invaders and Saxon incursions rebelled. Elsewhere, rebellion against Constantine III’s authority spread to Hispania in late 409 establishing Maximus of Hispania as emperor the following year.

Barbarian player
Of the Germanic tribes, the Burgundi (Suevi) now settle in Maxima Sequanorum and the Alan has dispersed to settle in two areas of Gallia. This leaves the Vandal nation representing the Asding and Siling tribes (represented by two counters). Any replenishment of troops for either Vandal army will be filled by Suevi and Alan contingents, representing those that continued their migration west.

The barbarian player’s sole goal is to bring the Vandal command and inhabitants safely into Hispania before the end of the season.

Roman player
At the start of 409 AD, the Franks are content to remain within their territory leaving Constantine III with one army to deal with the Vandal migration and eventual rebellions. As Constantine III’s authority now erodes any replacement of troops are must also come from allied troops; the Alan or Suevi (Germanic tribes).  

Game map three.

Map three shows southern Gallic provinces of Novempopulana, Narbonensis I and II, Viennensis, Alpes Maritimae, and Tarraconensis of northern Hispania. 

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