Sunday 29 January 2017

Migration to Kingdom - Improving the Campaign rules.

Moving forward in the timeline, the next campaign will focus on events in Hispania during the years of 409 to 429 AD. From a scenario perspective, the period can be viewed as two parts, the Vandal domination of Hispania followed by the resurgence of the Suevi. This is particularly interesting as the Alan still play a minor role in the events as do the attempts by Rome to regain control of the peninsula.

The game will have players take the Vandal or Suevi tribes and the participation of the Alan and Rome becoming a non-player function with their activation taking place during the card game exchange. This will mean both players will serve a dual role on the game board as players take command of the Alan or Rome forces. 

The immediate problem is how best to compress ten years of conflict into an evening or two as the alternative (ten evenings for each year) is not appealing. This will most likely move through a process of trial and error, but when finalised it will become a nice option for the campaign rule set opening its use for longer conflicts.

Those features developed during the previous campaign will be carried forward; inter-tribal rivalry for both Suevi and Vandal tribes, marauding parties, and plunder. There are a few situations that will need some attention, such as armed resistance by the inhabitants and piratical raids. 

Play testing should begin at the end of next week. 

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