Wednesday 14 December 2016

Campaign rule options - stratagems

Rapid Deployment.

This option simulates the condition where an attacker has closed the distance between deployment areas faster than expected, leaving the defender scrambling to deploy in front of his camp. Livy records a few instances of this ploy during the campaigns in Hispania, 2nd c. BC.

This stratagem allows the defender to place the terrain as per rule set and the attacker selects a board edge for his area of deployment followed by the defender placing his troops opposite. The attacker presents the Stratagem – Rapid Deployment counter and the defender moves his entire deployment directly back 3BW allowing the attacker to position his troops from the centre line. 

In this example, the Gepid have made a rapid deployment forcing the Tervingi to deploy close to their wagon laager.

The attacker not only threatens his opponent’s camp due to the closer proximity of his army, but now denies the defender any advantageous terrain previously held. 

Do note, if the defender is also using a stratagem, any ambush will need to re-consider the attacker’s deployment area, a flank march cannot change its arrival point, but may arrive earlier and a rapid deployment will cancel each other as both generals had similar plans. 

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