Tuesday 2 August 2016

The Seleucid in battle array.

With the Seleucid now complete they can now be added to list of test games planned against the Polybian Roman army. For all the test games we use the standard 12 element command and for the Seleucid that is the following:

1 x General (Cv/4Kn), 1 x cataphract (4Kn), 1 x elephant (El), 1 x scythed chariot (SCh), 4 x phalangite (4Pk), 1 x thureophoroi (4Ax), 1 x Galatian (4Wb), 2 x archers and slingers (Ps).

The standard twelve element army. 

Massing three such commands will look like this.

The right flank.

The centre.

The left flank.

The army in battle array.

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