Friday 22 July 2016

Project Rome - the Gallic, concluding test games.

Test game two
Stunned at the short duration of the game and a defeat, Rome leafed through old text books on tactics dealing with barbarian rushes. Securing a hill position they would now fight the barbarian in the old way.

To counter the barbarian rush and their superior number of cavalry and chariots the Roman line did not move off the hill and one their turn refused their left flank. The triarii were deployed between the principes while auxilia protected the flanks and anticipating the impetuousness of the principes, reserve troops were close at hand to fill any gaps or take advantage of an open enemy flank.

By turn five, the Gallic storm lost its momentum and the game. Final score 4 – 2 for Rome with the principes honoured for their sacrifice.

Test game three
Rome selected similar terrain and deployed below the crest line of a hill, skirmishers hidden in the wood would catch any enemy approaching the hill position.

This time the Gallic horde held a tighter rein with the cavalry and used them to support the left flank and chariots were placed between the warband; this was done to help strengthen the increased breadth of the warband (single Wb were placed between two deep columns).

The principes managed to hold their position and give side support to the triarii which helped destroy four warband and win the game. Score 4 - 1 for Rome.

Rome meeting the Gallic army on the open field is inviting disaster as was experienced in game one. The Gallic player could easily have not selected gentle hills but with five mounted elements saw advantages to having them than not.

Anticipating the eventual loss of blade from the warband and placing adequate reserves to take their place played an important part in the second and third game.

I do have a second Gallic army with same composition with the exception all warband are 4Wb. These were not used as I wanted to test the Gallic advantage of speed. This worked well in game one with the warband wheeling and avoiding the hill position.

Next series against Carthage will prove very interesting.

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  1. My son and I were discussing the merits of 3Wb and 4Wb over the weekend. We both favour 4Wb in case there is a tie and recoil.