Tuesday 19 July 2016

Project Rome – final match – the Celtiberian

Test game three
Rome’s first defeat served as a wake-up call and perhaps the next game would be played with a little more cautiousness.

Die casts place all terrain features in quadrant one and two with the river meandering through three and four. This suited the Romans as they would use the river to protect the left flank and the flanking hills would be covered by auxiliaries and velites. The open field between the two lines would serve as a fine killing ground.

As the lines closed Rome struck first and to their amazement the whole line buckled and recoiled from the Celtiberian response; only the caetrati remained in position to admire their handy work.

Following up their success, the Celtiberian managed to slay two units of triarii and in alarm the proconsul moved with his guard and reserve cavalry to stave the onslaught. The remaining Roman blade were not enough to hold back the Celtiberian counter-attack. Score 0 – 4 for Celtiberia.

The two victories by Celtiberia demonstrated the effectiveness of “fast” blade even meeting the Roman toe-to-toe and the caetrati were equally as ferocious in combat with one Ps accounting for three dead.

In all three matches there was no need to move through or over difficult terrain as the open spaces were large enough for five elements abreast. Unfortunately for the Roman side, this served the Celtiberian as well.

Next, the Gauls 

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