Tuesday 3 May 2016

Project Rome - post 2nd Punic War

First Roman Legion done.

This legion is finished and ready for varnishing. While drying I will continue painting the second Roman legion using the same colour scheme; red-brown shields with no emblazons, white tunics and black plumes. Using efficient and economical brush strokes the second legion should be done in two days.  

I have not had a paint brush in my hand during the month of writing for the Witcher project and it is surprising how quickly painting skills become slack. I imagine by the time I finish the Latin legions I should be up to speed. 

I decided not to paint the tunics red, but white which will have the plumes and shield stand out and keeping to one shield colour will help unify the collection. 

One more Roman legion and a general (Cv) will bring the total number of completed elements to the half way mark. I shall be ordering the Hispanic figures next week.  


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