Saturday 1 August 2015

The Picts

Information covering the Caledones and Picti of the late 2nd early 3rd century is scarce but that has not stopped hordes of these appearing across the table top. Search Google images and you will find plenty of photos of nicely painted armies.

Both the Pict and Caledones army for DBA 3.0 remain unchanged with regards to quantity of troop type, however, the Pictish spear have now become "fast" pike, which does alter my game plan.

Old Glory castings look rather new, crisp and have no flash which is good news. On a sidenote, the Pictish archers, dressed in long shits, barelegged and curly hair look remarkably Hobbit like, definately a note to tuck away for latter.

Clothing colour are natural earth and autumn tones with a good number of figures wearing plaid. I limited the number of figures with saffron as I wanted the natural tones to dominate with the ground colour.

These did not take long to paint up as I was inspired by the "Empire" series by Anthony Riches. As the series takes place during the reign of Commodus, this fits well with the period covered by the project. In fact I have made a series of scenarios based on the book and these will appear here in the Fall.

II/68 Pictish 211 - 499 AD
1 x General (LCh), 1 x chariot (LCh) or horseman (LH), 1 x horseman (LH) or Attecotti (4Wb), 5 x spearmen (3Pk), 1 x spearmen (3Pk) or javelinmen (Ps), 3 x archers (Ps).

Just a tip: The pattern on the cloaks was achieved with eight horizontal lines and half that number for the vertical lines. In some cases the ground colour was dark enough that the vertical lines were not necessary.

Where I did paint vertical lines, these were not painted the full length of the cloak as most would disappear between folds before reappearing further.

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