Sunday 7 June 2015

On the periphery – the Caucasian kingdoms (Albania)

These three armies were the result of a bulk purchase of Essex figures. For the most part these were Cappadocian and clothing styles were well suited for what I had in mind.

The 18 packs of figures were sorted into three commands giving the tribesmen of Iberia stronger number of foot (Ax), Albania more mounted and Colchis/Lazika, with their longer history of contact with Rome, more spear armed infantry (militia) and a few knights.

The collection now consists of 42 elements which gives me options for particular scenarios.

Kingdom of Albania
1 x 3Cv (General and bodyguard)
3 x 2LH
5 x 3Ax tribesmen
3 x 2Ps

The infantry are nearly done, these lack only some highlighting and of course shield designs. Cavalry are in the background and after lunch I will work on lining and highlights for them.

While painting, I am searching about the net for nuggets of information. In general, Albania tended toward a pastoral economy which brought many tribes in conflict with their Iberian neighbors.

On a number of occassions during the 2nd and 3rd century, Rome interceeded on behalf of Iberia to settle disputes.

For further reading covering the geography I would suggest Strabo. Although, written in the 1st century AD, he does give some interesting tidbits of information. Iberia is amply handled.

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  1. ...i did just finished to read about you Caucasian project. There you did create 3 armies in DBA stile. I think you a quite close to the facts. Great work...