Thursday 17 October 2013

Castle Building – bringing shape

At this point I want to compare the proposed work with past structures as these may be used together for special scenarios. In the photo are finished pieces with the “castle” poised on a possible setting to compare height and size.

I do want a courtyard with sufficient space for an element and possibly elevated to allow easy access to the figures (walls with roof are nearly 60 mm high). Further visualizing the blocks as barracks, great hall and other enclosures, these need not be very deep or thick, so trimming these will help create enough interior space.

Taking an extra block, I cut this in half to build a roof. Angling my cuts, this produced a solid roof piece and two half sections, when glued together will serve as a second roof.

From the next photo, the loose pieces are now placed atop the hill in no particular order as I just want an impression. The tower has an extra section added to give height, but looking at the overall effort, this could be raised another 10 mm.

Looking back at the reference photos, the buildings should vary in height to give an impression of this sitting on a mountain top. That is for the next stage, securing its final form.


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