Friday 29 June 2012

Switching gears to Saxons

I have two commission projects that I must do before I can start the Imperial Austrians. Both armies are of the 11th century, one Saxon and one Dane.

In the photo you see the Saxons. These are a collection of Essex for the general’s bodyguard, Alain Toulier Figurines for the warband and Metal Magic warriors for an expansion. The Essex 15s appear robust in comparison, but ATF and MM are true 15s, yet the latter have a good variation of poses to satisfy a barbarian collector.

I like painting barbarians and over the years have developed a painting sequence that saves me time. Before I bring paint to the brush, I will list possible colour combinations on a card and sketch possible shield patterns. Checking the WRG reference books, I found the Saxons had a greater range of colours of clothing than other barbarian nations.

I adjusted the sequence to paint the shields ahead of the clothing as I eight possible colours for breeches, tunics and cloaks I wanted the shield colour to work as a benchmark. I wanted to avoid a random sequence of painting that resulted in clashing colours that screamed Ouch!

Next step, cloaks, the breeches and last the tunics.


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