Wednesday 27 June 2012

Pikemen added to the Bavarian army

Rather than post a work in progress, I took the time to complete the Pikemen and extra generals. The Pikemen represent three contingents; those in blue and white are royal units, those with two colours are militia from the cities and lastly, the Swiss mercenaries in three colours. All three contingents will have flags added to further distinguish each type.

This brings the total number of elements to 36 plus 2. The two extra are generals with only an aide or herald; the vacant spot will be filled with foot command figures which will be ordered today.

I spent more time painting these as the foot figures required clothing with multiple colours; half of each tunic a different colour as well as each pant leg. Thinking ahead, if I  were to collect Italians I would most likely add a fourth colour or use stripes. I remember browsing in a “paper” boutique in Florence and finding pamphlets illustrating city heraldry. Each city divided into “quarters”, it was the responsibility of the guilds in each quarter to organize, arm and cloth the militia for its defense.

I have two DBA sized armies to paint up on commission, so the Imperial Austrians will have to wait a week. I will not use pastel colours for the Austrians, but yellows and blacks will certainly be present among the foot.  


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