Tuesday 21 February 2012

Early Polish - Detailing and dry brush.

I find, detailing and dry brush work the relaxing part of painting miniatures. I do dry brush the legs, lower body, tail and mane of the horse and pick out the harness for better definition.

With linen or white I now pick out metal details, such as chain mail, helmets and shield boss. Highlighting clothing, I prefer to wet brush white over darker colour, especialy blue, green, and brown.

You can create depth to a figure which lack folds in clothing with this technique. Wet brushing, I will use the thinnest brush I have, the brush that started off as a size 1 and through loyal service is down to its last few hairs. Highlight the folds on tunics, leather parts that would catch sunlight, a nose ridge, cheekbones, and weapons as well.

The last photo is the completed DBA Early Polish in battle array. Cheers,

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