Wednesday 15 February 2012

Early Polish 960 - 1200 AD

This latest DBA Early Polish army is a commission work. The miniatures are from a Polish firm of which I am not sure if these were Fire and Sword or not. They are good castings, all mounted figures are one piece castings which can be limiting, but there are enough different castings to add variety to your cavalry element.

The foot figures are solid looking figures with a variety of spear and bow types. The wolf skin headdress javelin men were unexpected. These would certainly feel at home among the Danish Leidang. Folds in the clothing are not deep by Metal Magic standards, but they are therre and there is ample detailing for the painter who prefers working with thin wash or inks.

This is a DBA army pack, III/62a Early Polish comprising of 9 mounted and 30 foot.

Out of the box.

Ready for priming.

Basic colour.

Detailing and dry brush next.

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  1. Those are figures by QR Miniatures. Sadly they cant be fund on producers webpage and have to be ordered by e-mail.
    Fire and Sword game and miniatures are produced by Wargamer. The game is set in XVII century.