Tuesday 7 May 2024

A busy few weeks.

The Armenian (II/28c) were recently completed and make a useful addition to the Late Roman-Patrician collection. In this period, the Kingdom of Armenia became divided and annexed by Rome and Persia, eventually fostering civil conflict or rebellion against their overseers. Two commands were made to play out a possible civil conflict, however pairing them would create a fine game against Rome, Persia, the Alans or Huns.

A number of 5th century armies used proxy figures to fill the Roman style or citizen militia options for the Bosporans (II/25), the Armorican (II/81c), Later Visigoths (II/83a) and the Merovingian Franks (III/5a, b). The last order of Old Glory included two packs of Roman auxilia (revised figures). These were painted in a variety of clothing colour and have uniform shield patterns to identify them as “Gallo-Roman”. Still undecided as which will serve as militia or auxilia as half have helmets, others are bare-headed.

The eighteen elements represent Western European and Muslim mobile baggage and camp followers.  The collision course game is a favourite here and mobile baggage were made specifically for the medieval period. Figures are from Donnington Miniatures.

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