Thursday 11 April 2024

Battle of the Nedao

To meet the Hunnic horde, Ardaric deployed his tribal warriors in a thin line interspersed with archers. Flanking the line at both ends, other skirmishers took their position in the rough ground, The Gepid cavalry, greatly outnumbered, formed a reserve behind the infantry.

The Hunnic arrival placed the bulk of their cavalry in centre, clearly intending to wear the down Gepid infantry. However, on the extreme flanks, small units of horse archers were seen, possibly placed there to threaten the Gepid rear and precautions were made against such a move.

As the Hunnic horse archers advance, Gepid skirmishers reposition themselves within the rough ground.

For the better part of an hour, the Gepid line remained immovable passing the initiative to the Huns. Coordinating their attack, the Huns closed the distance between lines.

As a skirmish ensued on the Gepid right flank a column of Hunnic horse archers raced toward the Gepid rear, the threat was countered by a timely charge of Gepid cavalry drawing first blood.

The battle shifted to the opposite flank with the Huns catching a unit of skirmishers in the open. These proved resilient in their defense, but in the end, they too were destroyed, bringing the casualty score even.

Swinging back to the Gepid right flank, the Huns launch a massive assault against the infantry forcing the Gepid line to buckle.

As the Hunnic left regrouped preparing to renew their assault, Ellac shifted the battle to batter the opposite flank. This time, the Gepid line cracked and gaps in the line begin to appear.

Till now, both sides suffered casualties, but sensing the moment right, Ardaric advanced his right to catch a few Hunnic units off guard and sending others in disarray.

Ordering his subordinate to regroup, Ellac intensified his own efforts widen the breaches made. In response, Ardaric raised the stakes by sending his cavalry into the general action. Though severely outnumbered, the Gepid cavalry prevailed to turn the tide to a close victory, 8 – 6. The Huns are defeated, but Ellac survives the day to ponder further options.


The game was tight, despite its length (twelve turns). Pip scores were not an issue, but the Gepid held the infantry in place content to having his skirmishers conduct an early role.

Turn five, the Gepid advanced their entire line as a challenge the Huns. The gauntlet thrown, the Huns began a methodical assault alternating their attacks between left and right Gepid flanks which placed pressure on the Gepid to maintain an unbroken line. Gepid cavalry moved to close the gaps created and for one critical moment surrounded an element of Gepid cavalry, these held their ground for another turn.

Turn twelve, a Gepid pip score of 5 sealed the fate of the Huns.

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