Thursday 2 November 2023

Upping the ante

In April of this year, a series of test games were done, bringing a newly completed Early Imperial Roman army against a number of enemies as listed in DBA3. As the months progressed, the number of enemies increased to reach a total of 15. The standard 12 elements were used with each match played twice. A summary of each battle with photos was posted to the blog and any unusual aspects are also noted. The series ended with a better than average score which brings me to the next phase – upping the ante. 

Three years ago, we enlarged the single command to 24 elements and discovered an enjoyable game. There was a marginal increase in game time; 30 minutes to 45 or 50 minutes, but this was acceptable. Examples can be found by clicking of the link labelled “Index” on right. 

Of the 15, now increased to 16 enemy, a similar test series will be played using the larger command of 24 elements. This will involve only 10 opponents as these have two commands. This will be interesting if Rome can exceed its current win ratio. Enemy in Red have two commands.


Rome    1          Alemanni         1

Rome    2          Marcomanni     0

Rome    1          Dacia               1

Rome    1          Sarmatae        1

Rome    1          Batavi             1

Rome    1          Kushites          1

Rome    2          Nabataea         0

Rome    1          Edessa             1

Rome    1          Parthia             1

Rome    1          Commagene     1

Rome    2          Late Judaean   0

Rome    1          Later Moors     1

Rome    1          Alani                1

Rome    1          Nomad Arab    1

Rome    1          Ancient Brits   1 

Total               Total   

Rome    18        Enemies            12 

The Jewish Revolt have recently been added to the list.   

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