Sunday 4 June 2023

Necessary conversions

This past week I converted a number of miniatures to fill an army list option and to make use of an unused command pack.

The first are the Roman contarii (3Kn) listed as an option for the Early Imperial Roman. The Old Glory Seleucid Xystophoroi was ideal as this required a modification of the helmet and the inclusion of a contus of brass rod.

The Roman Cavalry, From the First to the Third Century AD’ by Karen R. Dixon and Pat Southern mention equites armed with the contus wielded the weapon in combat with both hands, therefore no shield. An illustration of the tombstone of an eques of Ala I Caninafatium demonstrates this, see figure 18

The second were Ancient British light horse converted from a German cavalry command pack consisting of commanders, standard bearers and musicians. The conversion was a simple clipping of instruments and standards off the figure.

Painting the Ancient British was a challenge as these required chequered trousers, war paint and decorative shields. All of which was a useful exercise as I will order the infantry to complete two commands.    

Ready for an undercoat.

Ready for battle

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