Tuesday 28 March 2023

Client State of Emesa

Emesa became autonomous following the decline of the Seleucid empire and later, client state for Rome. A staunch ally of Rome, Emesa supplied the many archers employed during the Jewish revolt of AD 66 – 73. Emesa, like other entities of the region was incorporated in the Roman province of Syria and during the reign of Caracalla, became a Roman colony.

The miniatures.

These are all Old Glory miniatures cobbled together from the extras leftover from a recent sale of DBA armies. The archers were especially ordered to complete the collection. Emesa now joins the Nabataean, Late Judaean and Commagene for the project

Client State of Emesa

1 x General (4Kn), 2 x horse archers (LH), 1 x guard infantry (4Ax), 2 x javelinmen (3Ax), 5 x archers (3Bw or Ps), 1 x caravan guard (Cm).

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