Thursday 24 March 2022

Charles Martel in Frisia 719 AD

Charles Martel’s victory at Soissons (718) concluded the civil war with Chilperic II, Raganfrid and Odo of Aquitaine. As undisputed Dux Francorum, his first objective was to subdue Frisian resistance and news of Radbod I death hastened Charles to deploy his forces against the new Frisian king, Bodda. Near Lake Flevo, the Franks met the Frisians prepared for battle. 

The Frisians deployed their line between a wood and a village. With both Frisian flanks protected, Charles amassed his cavalry on the left, spearmen in centre and skirmishers on the right. The spear would pin the Frisian wall while Frankish light troops infiltrate the wood and attack the enemy left.

Wary of Frankish cavalry, the Frisians were eager for battle and holding his right back, Bodda advanced his centre against the Frankish spear.

The Frankish shieldwall held allowing the Frankish light troops to attack the exposed flanks of the enemy. The battle was brief and decisive as the Frisian right flank succumbed to the Frankish cavalry. 

With no other option, Bodda concluded a truce with the Franks.

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