Thursday 25 April 2019

More Mauryan Indian

This final batch of figures complete the Classical Indian collection. There are sufficient elements to field the first three lists of book II – Republican, Mountain and Classical. All figures are Old Glory and although the infantry are similarly dressed the cavalry show slight differences in colour.

There were some minor conversions; spears were shortened to a javelin length and reposition to bring an animated look to them and Milliput helmet with turban was sufficient promotion to make a standard javelinmen into a general.

The Mauryan can now field three commands for a big battle option with their most likely historical opponent of matching size being the Seleucid. A game is planned during next month’s flurry of holidays. 

Infantry for three lists; Classical, Republican and Mountain.

Cavalry for the Classical and Mountain army list.

Elephant and chariot corps

The Classical Indian in battle array.


  1. SUperb, and most impressive combo elephants+chariots!!

  2. Phil,
    Thank you for the kind word. The Mauryan have done well in their test series, but that is not an indication they can perform just as well with multiple commands, as some armies perform better, others do not.