Friday 22 February 2019

The Classical Indian II/3a,b

These took about a month to paint and I am pleased how they have turned out. This is the second time around for the Classical Indians as I sold off the first collection five or six years ago (pre-DBA3.0). I renewed by enthusiasm for the Classical Indians as they are viable opponents for the Seleucid which are currently running through their paces. The figures are for the most part Old Glory and surprisingly have improved over their earlier production, perhaps new molds were made. 

Archers are Old Glory and javelinmen are from the former Black Hat Miniatures now Fighting 15s.

Cavalry are Old Glory and this pack came with all its troopers in the same position. The lance was shortened to a javelin length and the throwing arm were re-positioned on all the troopers to give them an animated look. The Saka light horse are Black Hat and though slender and slightly smaller in comparison to the Old Glory they do fit well. 

These are Old Glory heavy chariots with the exception of the central model (Black Hat) which represents a  commander. The Black Hat model fits a 40mm x 40mm base but portions of the chariot do project beyond its base.  

Again, these are from Old Glory with the exception of the central model which is Black Hat and this too represents a command figure. The elephant escorts are also from Black Hat.

Some Painting Notes:
All the figures were given a white undercoat. Garments which would remain ‘white’ were painted mid-grey then highlighted white. The skin tone was a mix of GW Kislev Flesh and Mournfang Brown thinned so muscle would seem highlighted. This was later given a coat of GW Reikland Fleshshade.  
Horses were painted in varying shade of brown with the ‘grey’ treated in the same manner as garments; painted mid-grey, then highlighted white. A deviation from my standard style, the tails and manes were highlighted mid-blue as were the weapons. I used a similar technique with the Goblin and Orc collection and found this a pleasing change that I duplicated this for the Classical Indians.

A final order with Timecast was placed so the collection will expand for the ‘big battle’ option. Extra figures were included to represent the Republican Indian (II/1) and Mountain Indian (II/2) armies, so there will be new opponents for the Seleucid and Graeco-Bactrian to fight.  


  1. Very nice.

    I really like those chariots and elephants, and to think that you managed to paint these up in a month, makes it all the more impressive.

  2. Thank you Christopher,
    I am all the more amazed with the use of simple reading glasses (1.0) and at my age of 72, I can still do this.


  3. I am 20 years younger than you, and I am using 1.25 reading glasses, so you are doing much better than me with presbyopia.

    Strange how avatars can affect how one views people... based on your avatar in the Fanaticus forum, I have just assumed you were in your forties or thereabouts!

  4. Christopher,

    One of my many hobbies was equestrian and so the moniker ‘Timurilank’ seemed a good fit.
    Twenty-five years ago I dumped the TV and radio to focus on dance and not had a sick day since.
    With less stress and three beautiful dance partners I still manage to train three times a week and paint.
    Life is good.

  5. You sir are not only inspirational, but have a lifestyle to aspire to.